Our histopathology and histology teams are devoted to deliver veterinary histopathology reports of high diagnostic accuracy every time.

Quality, customer service and innovation are the main pillars of our work. We achieve that by investing in bespoke histology equipment and continuous training of our technicians, who produce histopathology slides of excellent quality. Through the use of Digital Pathology systems, we have expanded our team to include pathologists working internationally from South Africa, Czech Republic, USA & Canada, who collaborate alongside our on-site team at Finn. We are proud to say that we are processing, sectioning, staining, and digitally imaging all cases to ensure a modern and scientifically accurate report.

Our team of sixteen laboratory staff support our team of pathologists who are board certified or hold relevant qualifications with extensive knowledge in veterinary pathology. Our diagnosticians are split into disciplines of expertise e.g. referral, avian, farm animal, exotics, immunohistochemistry (IHC), dermatopathology and equine, so the pathology report which we send meets our clients’ expectations. For tumour submissions, we provide surgical margins digital evaluation when applicable, whilst we follow internationally recognised grading methods.

Besides routine diagnostic stains, we offer a variety of special stains and IHC diagnostic and prognostic markers tests to assist our veterinary clients towards their diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of neoplastic conditions. All routine staining is completed by automatic, validated and quality controlled auto-staining equipment, with technicians trained to carry out additional techniques for further testing.

Please click here to take a look at the list of histopathological tests we offer, and here for information on how to submit the right clinical history alongside your samples.